What to consider when choosing a newborn photographer.
Its easy to search around newborn photographers and just choose based on price or response time but there are a few important things you should consider before booking.

1. Training and Insurance
Let’s start with the most important thing to consider. Photographers can be self taught or have qualifications. I have a diploma in photography check out my about me page . Many of us specialise and take further training in that area. I specialise in maternity, newborn and family photography. As a newborn photographer, safety training is essential. Newborns have little muscle tone and need to be handled and posed correctly. I had newborn training before doing my first ever newborn photoshoot. Even with three children of my own and lots of experience handling newborns, newborn photography is completely different. You may see some photographs of babies hanging in a wrap or on a swing. This type of photograph is created by photoshop, the baby is always led on a backdrop and is completely safe. I state in my photography contract that I hold full insurance. This covers me to work in my own home, outside and in clients homes. Its important you check with your photographer that they are insured before booking your photoshoot.
2. Personal Style
Each photographer has a unique style, check out my newborn gallery. Many things make up a professional photograph, lighting, colours, posed or lifestyle, angels, editing and lots more. When choosing your newborn photographer, have a good look through their work and find one that you fall in love with. After all, these photographs are going to be hung on your wall for years to come.
4. Price range
Is the photoshoot in your price range? 
Each photographer’s prices are completely different, some offer an all in one price, others have a session fee and packages separately. The price will reflect the photographers experience and cost of business. A new photographer may charge a lot less whilst they build their portfolio and experience. A more experienced photographer will charge more as their cost of business will be higher due to training and equipment.
5. In home or in studio
My newborn sessions take place in the comfort of your own home within Gloucestershire or Worcestershire (check out my newborn photography page). This means you have everything you need for your baby at your finger tips. Newborn photoshoots can take up to four hours, being in your own home means you can relax and enjoy. Other photographers may wish you to travel to a studio for your photoshoot.

The ideal age for a newborn photoshoot is between 2-14 days old. This is because babies are most flexible and sleepy at this age. They also change incredibly quickly. This age range may not suit you, especially if you have had a longer hospital stay. My newborn sessions can take place anytime before six weeks of age, this can be flexible for premature babies. I take bookings from 12 weeks of pregnancy to ensure I have spaces for your session around your due date. 
Remember to ask your photographer about, insurance, location and training before making a decision. Capture those tiny days, before they're gone!

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